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Evil Cult Generator

Since Halloween is coming up here is a moderately creepy generator to create an evil cult in your game.  This generator assumes they are evil beyond reproach and they will probably show you no mercy.  So show them none in return.

Build A Cult

(This is specifically about evil cults)

What do they Wear?





Very standard cultist robes, you know the sort.

Creepy masks. Cultists love creepy masks.


Leather strapping and other extremely figure-hugging leather clothing. It is all very Hellraiser.

A small broach. One could even miss it if you weren't paying attention.


No specific dress code but every piece of clothing the cultists have are exactly the same colour.



Nothing, they are weirdo nudists.

Deliberate disfigurement.


Rags and scraps, they look like they have collected their clothing for a refuse pile.

Mutation, probably involving tentacles.


Nothing. They wear perfectly normal everyday clothing.

Adorned in bones. Skulls for shoulder pads, and chest plates made out of femurs that sort of thing.


Skins and hides (possibly human).

Heavy body modification. This goes beyond having your eyebrow pieced.


A very idiosyncratic uniform. Think communist China.

Holy artefact. They carry with them at all times a holy artefact. This could be a symbol or even a sacred weapon.


Extreme decadence. The clothes they were are designed to titillate and strategically expose the flesh to get the pulse racing.

Weird flamboyant hats.


Puritanical dress-code, no fun here. You need to be wearing the exact shade of charcoal grey.

Covered in pustules and sores. It looks and smells disgusting but they seem to love it.

Who do they sacrifice and how?





Anyone they can get their hands on. There is no discrimination here. They are progressive like that.

Cutting out their hearts with a ritual dagger.






Burning probably on a pyre or in a volcano.


Specific race.

Feeding to a great beast at the bottom of a great pit.


Followers of a particular religion

Something stupidly elaborate.



Ritual torture.

What do they want?


What are these weirdos up to?


They just want to do weird creepy shit in peace. If it wasn't for the prodigious amounts of human sacrifices going on no one would care really.


They want to summon something awful into this world. It might kill them, eat them, or even drive them mad, but they seem fine with that outcome.


They want to establish a domain where they rule and spread the world of their belief. It probably wouldn't be a nice place to live.


They want to overthrow the established order. It is not clear if they have a plan for what to do next.


Wipeout X peoples. Maybe they are racists or just hate magic users. Non the less they are set on the total destruction of a particular group of people in this world.


Fulfil a prophecy. Somewhere in pages of the books, they rant about is a strange prophecy that has them all worked up! Let us hope you're not involved in it.


Bathe in the blood of their enemies. This might be literal.


Domination and enslavement of all”


Omnicide. They want to kill just everyone apart from themselves. Then maybe themselves.


The utter and total destruction of existence itself.

Does weird sex stuff go down in the cult?



1 to 8


9 to 10


Just what is it they worship?


The object of their obsession


A person (They may be alive, dead or even undead).


A power eldritch being.


An object (for example a weapon, obelisk, artefact, statue or even a body part).


A philosophy or ideology.


A place (it could be an area, a ruin or even a country).


Writings or scripture.

What makes them so unique?




They all same the same thing at the same time like some kind of hive-mind.


They are just overly nice. To the point, it is cloying and uncomfortable. Even when they are killing you they are strangely happy about it.


They are all to an individual utterly and hopelessly insane.


They are devious and have been spending years infiltrating governments and other powerful organisations.


They are tolerated by the state for some reason. Probably because they keep the true depths of their evil hidden. People find them creepy nonetheless.


They are powerful enough to rule over a region.


They bring with them dread beasts, not of this world.


They also serve in undeath. When they die they will be raised as an undead creatures befitting of the station they achieved in the cult in life.


They wiled dreadful cursed weapons.


Their leader is a powerful non-human entity.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

D10 Strange Worlds and The Portals That Transport You

Have you ever wanted to throw your players into a horrible world of woe and despair for a few sessions?  A fun distraction on the side to the main adventure.  Well, fret no more.  Here are a few seed ideas of worlds your party could be transported to and the method in which they could be taken!

Strange Worlds at End of Eerie Portals

The Portal

The World


The surface of a mirror

The Grey Maze:

  • Walls of a grand maze surround you. They reach high into the sky and their uniformly flat surfaces make scaling them impossible. Even the grandest of giants would find scaling such a climb impossible.

  • The repetition of the landscape and the complexity of the maze makes it hard to navigate. If one does not take the time to carefully map their progress it will be easy to get lost forever.

  • Civilisation can be found here, where the facades of the walls are cracked. People build towns within the cracks in the walls. They are well guarded.

  • Spider things hunt in the maze. They scale the walls with ease and carry bony harpoons to capture their prey.


A glowing potion that when drunk causes the drinker to fall into a deep slumber and phase-out of reality

The cylinder:

  • The surface of the world in here is found upon the inside of a seemingly endless cylinder. A person can look up into the sky and see the sprawl of a city above them at the opposite side to where they stand.

  • The sun is a filament of light that runs down the centre of this strange world. Day and night are marked by the luminosity of this ribbon of light.


A strange sticky fog rolls over the land here. As soon as one enters this area the sounds of animals cease. If they keep pressing forward they will eventually reach the other world.

The Pit:

  • The world is shaped like a vast bowl with all points sloping inwards. At the centre of the world is a vast, and perfectly round chasm.

  • New land is spawned at the edges of this world. Then over the course of decades, it creeps and slides, and tumbles into the pit.

  • The soil is loose here and thus settled civilisations are rare. Nearly everything is nomadic, metallurgy and other heavy industry that requires fixed infrastructure are non-existent.

  • This is the world of the horse lord.


A small knife with a uniquely sharp edge is able to cut a hole between worlds. Wounds inflicted with this knife bleed the stuff strange realities.

The Abandoned City:

  • There is a vast city. With infinite floors and infinite sprawl. The echoes of your voice is swallowed by the absurd vastness of this space.

  • You are not sure where the city ends and the sky beings.

  • It is entirely devoid of its previous inhabitants. However strange mockeries of humanity can be found squatting in the rooms of this metropolis. They do not enjoy company.

  • Small redoubts of post-human survivors live. They are a hardy sort who are expert scavengers and cultivators.


A great titan of a beast stalks the land. It is said that its throat is a portal to another world. All you have to do is risk being swallowed whole.

Volcanism in The Nightland:

  • The Sun is dying and has all but dimmed to shine out a sickly green glow. The world is either pitch black or illuminated by a weak emerald light.

  • It is a hot and humid place and it is beset by violent and endless volcanism. Volcanoes erupt regularly, vomiting out all but unseen ash clouds, earthquakes are common here.

  • This place is home to a rich and ferocious ecosystem. The hydrothermal vents provide the basis of life here. Great worms feed on the minerals and nutrients exuded. Predators many times the size of a person skitter in the dark, and greater things predate on them still.

  • For such a hostile place civilisation thrives. Though it is penned in and terrified of what lies beyond its borders.


A single silver key. Absurdly plain in design. Anyone who holds it may unlock any door which will now open into another world. Be careful. Not every world will have a door to return you.

Ropes and Knots:

  • There is no apparent ground to this world, just an endless sky that falls into a black void.

  • This world is comprised of huge strands of rope that can be anything from a few meters to a few kilometres thick. They go in all directions and meet together in great knots. The knots themselves can vary in size hugely.

  • It is in the larger knots that civilisation is found. Towns and kingdoms claim knots as their home. And within the strands and between the gaps of the ropes are the strange caves and dungeons of this world.

  • The cut one of the great ropes is the greatest taboo of all, for connection is life.

  • Beware the fleet centipede things that hunt in the wild of the strands.


A spell or ritual. It is written in a hidden tome or scroll. It is clearly hidden knowledge, maybe to keep the treasure to themselves or to keep our world from danger.

Grass Ocean:

  • This is a world is islands and archipelagoes. These islands are rich oases and plenty and peace, however, they are separated by the grass ocean.

  • Where there would be an ocean there is a great plain of long grass, and like the ocean, the level of the grass is uniform at the surface. The deep one goes into the grass ocean the longer the grass becomes.

  • Travelling from one island is dangerous. Navigating the depths of the ocean is incredibly difficult and dangerous. The deeper you go the darker it becomes due to the fronds of grass blocking out more and more light.

  • Numerous shark-like predators that crawl and creep hunt down here. Though it is also rich in life to be harvested.


A portal. A standard glowing portal. You can choose the colour it glows.

The Million Million Rooms:

  • This place could possibly be hell. The world is a series of interconnecting rooms. Some as small as a closet others the size of a cathedral's interior.

  • The walls of this place are the same charcoal colour. The sameness is endless. It's maddening. It hurts one's mind to dwell here for more than a few hours. One cannot tell where a corner or dark spaces begin.

  • There is no food or sustenance here so it is almost devoid of life. Almost. For solid human-like shadows walk these halls. They have the same charcoal colour and they hunt and hate life.


A great eternal fire burns at this place. For some, it is a place of pilgrimage. Some sacrifice themselves to the flame. For those that do they are transported to another world.

The Tireless Strider:

  • The world is a vast clockwork golem. It is the size of a continent that it marches ceaselessly through an endless mist that obscures anything below its waste.

  • Upon its back shoulders and head, cities have grown. They are prosperous and thick with culture.

  • Adventures will often delve into the golem itself. Within are items of great use and power. But within are guardians of the golem's body, as well as other things that stalk in the dark.

  • The question begs. Where is the golem heading to, and will it ever reach its destination?


A lake with a perfectly flat surface that never ripples. Once submerged and drowning you will awake in another world.

Puppets and Palaces:

  • The world is normal. It has kingdoms, economies, peoples and passions.

  • Except everyone one is a puppet. They will deny it of course, even if you show them the strings that hold them up.

  • Are they actually individuals? Or is some strange eldritch creature playing dollhouse with a world?

Thursday, September 16, 2021

D20 Rarebooks found in Lost Places

Please enjoy a few of the random books I have at hand to throw at my party.

Rare books found in lost places


A technical guide to intoxication through kingdom fungi (by Plagueface esq.):

A thick tome written in a conspiratorial manner about identifying various types of mushrooms to make hallucinogenic potions and poisons.  If you use this tome as a reference book:

  • +1  when identifying fungus.

  • +1 when making potions and poisons out of mushrooms.


Fractal Mosaics (by Prof. R.K. Dunshlem):

  • What could be a dry exploration of mosaic design, is elevated  to greater heights through the author's beautiful prose and exploration of the relationship between art and culture.  If you use this tome as a reference book:

  • +1 when studying architecture.


Backdoor Wenches (volume 9):

A smutty picture picture book depicting humans in various forms of copulation.


The Epic of Yorm (Unknown Author):

This is an ancient poem (by the editor's standards). It was passed down through oral tradition and has now been codified into text.

The poem is about a great hero who slays a number of increasingly dangerous monsters only to be undone by his own hubris.


A nincompoops guide to summoning (by Georg the Marvellous):

An arcane text that describes in a very condescending manner about how to effectively summon creatures from other planes.

The author talks about how easy the process actually is and describes in depth about how other “lesser” mages screwed up the summoning and died horribly.

  • Gains a Summon spell


Jombaha! (by Arclight Press):

A pop arcane book. Designed to get the masses more enraged with arcane studies and rituals.

It is a collection of presumably real life stories when rituals went horribly wrong, resulting in death, destruction and occasionally hilarity.


Victory through Atrocity (by Ral):

Contains a foreword that describes how this is a controversial work by a controversial historical figure.

It describes the use of war crimes as a way of controlling populations, it details which forms of oppression tend to have the desired effect. Gruesome reading.


A field guide to dinosaurs (by J. Hammond):

A lavishly detailed book with field sketches of many different dinosaur species. Great coffee table book to impress your friends.


Getting spiritual about spirits (by Gruru Kosh):

This book is a thinly disguised guide on how to not only build but distill almost anything into alcohol. The author rambles on about spirituality and all kinds of dross. Great for making Molotov!

  • Gain the blueprint for making a still.


Skirmisher's Delight (T.E. Blaskovitiz):

A treaties of advanced tactics for the initial engagements at the eve of a battle.

Once per day you may roll initiative with advantage.


Esoteric Curatives (H. Tharsson):

An exciting tome where the author describes his travels through numerous, tribes and other “outsider” groups and the healing methods they use. In places, this becomes a polemic where the author decries the decadence of the modern world.  If used as a reference book:

  • Gain +1 to brewing healing potions.


The Discerning Farmer's Guide (F. Giles):

A highly accessible book written for the layman to understand and implement various farming techniques.


The Kraken Stirs (Anon):

A philosophical dialogue. Discusses the importance of maintaining social roles and the sanctity of the social contract between lord and subject. If one were to read between the lines you might think the author is telling you how to tear down society.


Applied Accountancy:

It is an accountancy text book. Useful but boring.


Monsters and Metallurgy (I. Sternfist):

This book provides an in-depth technical discussion on the various processes of alloy production. It also describes which metals will have deadly effects on certain types of creatures.

Contains blueprints for:

  • Alloy production

  • Metal Tubing

  • Wiring

  • Ingots


Rationalised Evil (A history of the cult of Ordination) (by Shocking Histories):

An engaging narrative of the history of the Cult of Ordination. A group that both worships the mythological being called The Ordinator and embrace the philosophy of the end justifies the means at all costs.


Extra-Dimensional Topology (Yuler):

A dense work about an incredibly niche subject area that has limited real world application. You think it discusses how Mathematical geometries might shift in other dimensions?

  • Grants a +1 to summoning bonus.


Making Acids for Fun (Anon):

A subversive book for budding alchemists. Has numerous warnings that some reactions can be extremely exothermic!

  • Gains blueprints for ACIDS!


Exotic Weaponry (H. Mauly):

A nerdy book that enthusiastically describes the production of and use of many strange and fairly alien weapon types:

Gains blueprints for:

  • Chain Sword

  • War fan

  • Tiger Claws


A Beginners Guide to Sewing:

Actually this book is nothing of the sort. It is a hidden treaties on the use and development of your own skill in Necromancy!

  • Contains 1 random necromancy spell.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Veins of The Earthjammer

So here is an idea, what would happen if we mashed together the amazing Veins of The Earth with D&D in space via Spelljammer?  This post is a general musing more than anything else but I think the concept may have legs.  This post is more an exploration of the idea, you never know I may expand on it in the future.

The Dvargir
The Dvargir are uber dwarfs.  Dwarfs who have through countless generations pursued the obsession of work to the point they are now completely consumed by the notion.  They build and work because they must, it's in their DNA.  Their singular devotion to work has turned the race into a system of logic gates inside of a machine of meat and bone.  In Spelljammer they will have ascended to the surface of their planet and have achieved interplanetary travel.  This is what they would do:
  • Create a full survey of their planet.  Take an accounting of estimates of metal deposits and other useful resources.
  • Build a fleet of craft designed to assist with logistical and industrial utilities.  A fleet of factories and workshops.
  • They begin to dismantle the planet.  Crack it open to the core and access the metal inside.
  • Using these resources they expand their fleet capacity and begin to survey, audit, and dismantle every celestial body in the solar system excluding the star.
  • They begin work on the grand project.  A great runic ringworld that encompasses the sun on the solar plane.
  • This project will take 1000s maybe millions of generations.  The completed parts of the ringworld are abandoned by the Dvargir as they move onto the next stage of construction.
  • Inhabitants from other worlds and beyond settle here.  Kingdoms, even empires rise and fall.  It has become the de facto center for universal trade and diplomacy.
  • The Dvargir work on still.
When the Dvargir cracked open the many worlds of the solar system they broke "The Real World".  This was nothing short of apocalyptic for the Substratals and their civilization almost perished.  A handful of groups kept the candle of their culture alight, but the loss of their home against an uncaring foe has changed them.  They waged a war of attrition against the Dvargir to little effect, this has left the survivors cynical and battle-hardened.  
Due to their incredible intellect and nigh on invulnerability to most mundane weapons substratals quickly rise to the top echelons of whichever society they find themselves within.  Many worlds are ruled effectively by them (sometimes even benevolently).  Substratals are prized advisors, generals, and admirals.

Deep Janeen
No deep Janeen freeport palace is alike.  Each is more decadent, more bizarre, and wonderous than all the others in its own way.
Each Deep Janeen has built their own freeport in the middle of wildspace.  Each freeport is spectacular to behold and is built to the very exacting tastes of that Deep Janeen.  In some places the Deep Janeen will gleefully mix with the visitors to their port, in others, they will hide away in the gloom of their maze living vicariously off the whispers of the activity outside. 
The freeport itself is a large floating structure in wildspace.  The Deep Janeen set aside large areas of their maze palace to act as a commercial sector.  This is a place where most budding entrepreneurs face little to no bureaucratic barriers to establishing a business.
They do however impose a tax, rarely ever in the form of gold.  Each tax is unique at the Deep Janeen that sets it.  Failure to pay this tax will see quick eviction for existing commercial operations.  A wise trader will learn the quirks of each Deep Janeen ensuring the businesses of these freeports are well stocked with the oddities that their landlord demands.
Oh, one last thing.  Before everyone who stays at a freeport MUST fill out the visitor's survey upon leaving.  Refusing to do so will lead to instant imprisonment, or worse.

The Aelf-Adal
The Aelf-Adal never had the need to bleed into the real world to wage war on the dreamers here.  They raid and pillage as they please knowing that no one can follow them to their dread realm.  For the Aelf-Adal live beyond the event horizon of black holes.
These are terrible places where time shifts and nightmares reign.
Only the most foolhardy would consider travel past these portals to their home plane.
No known spelljammer captain has passed beyond the event horizon and returned.  Many suspect that some enchantment or technology in the Aelf-Adal's own craft grants them immunity to whatever destruction that would otherwise befall any crew that crosses the threshold.
Those who take their awful yet elegant craft as a prize find them wholly uncoperative.  Not unworkable, but uncooperative, the craft resists the helmsman's demands.  Furthermore, those who try to interface with the Aelf-Adal's crafts find their dreams haunted by fleet-footed beings.  Over time their sanity will ebb and reality and dreamspace will phase into one another.

These loathsome people thrive in wildspace.  Gordonia their capital, is a cold and barren rogue planet that is hidden in the depths of a vast nebular, no outsiders know the location.  No outsider has ever seen their homeworld, well not those who are not condemned to permanent slavery at any rate.
The knotsmen are feared slavers.  They are also excellent mercenaries who show absolutely zero mercy in battle.  They prefer as always to attack at range, they come onto the field of battle heavily armored carrying shot and pike.
They still relentlessly hunt down their escaped young men.  No one has seen their women, for their civilization is still the height of cruelest misogyny.
Their craft are known as needle-ships, which are long and regal in design.  They travel at speeds that almost no other race can match, which gives their armada a considerable advantage in the theater of war.
They are still excellent surgeons and most of the major ports will have a medical clinic run by a knotsman.  They often offer free services, though they nearly always demand a favor in return.  Most kingdoms and empires have a knotsman physician at hand, though no one trusts them.
The knotsmen are a superpower in the waiting.

Monday, September 6, 2021

The Godfall (Part 2 Of Pilgrims and Peoples)

 Continuing on from part 1 found HERE.  This now discusses the characters that the players are playing in the Godfall setting.

Pilgrims and The Long Road

At the center of the Faultlands is the city of Tul-Gorak. It is the single largest city in the known world that has grown rich off the strangeness of the resources found in the Godfall. It sits astride the river Gor and is one of the few places verdant with native life so close to the rotting remains of God.

It has become a place of pilgrimage for so many. Not everyone does it for purely religious reasons but none the less it is a deeply personal journey for each and every pilgrim.  The pull of the Godfall is strong to many of the restless souls in this world,  they know this is a dangerous journey, and yet regardless they press on so that they may stare upon the corpse of God.  For many pilgrims, this is a moment of apotheosis, one that will change them forever.  For others, it is a sad reminder that even the immortal must still one day die.

For each player, the prime motivation of their character is to complete the pilgrimage to Tul-Gorak so they can climb its walls and towers and look upon the body of God.  This is the glue that will bind the group together, the shared sense of purpose to reach the end of the long road.  They will initially meet together at one of the gateway towns at the edge of the faultlands, so they may seek the safety of numbers and companionship of other pilgrims.

The Long Road is the colloquial term for the pilgrimage to Tul-Gorak.  It is not a single road or pathway but rather refers to the length of the journey ahead.  It implies that grit determination will be needed to reach the end.

Peoples of The World

There are 3 civilized races that inhabit the surface of the world.  They make up its tribes, its villages, and cities.  Your first step should be to choose one of the three races that exist.  Roll twice on their tables to determine their starting abilities.


Humans are a hugely diverse group.  They innovate readily, and can push their bodies to extremes.  

Humans gain an additional gain + 1 to their constitution modifier or +1 to their intelligence modifier.

Roll twice on the table below

Roll D10



Adaptable: Gain 2 skill points (or the equivalent of two 1 in 6 advancements in thief skills)


Adrenal Surge: Once per day, for the entire combat, you gain +1 to hit bonus. You must rest for at least 1 turn afterward or gain a point of exhaustion.


Survivors: When bleeding out when at Death's Door your constitution is considered to be 1 point higher for the purpose of the saving throw.


Brave or foolish: Advantage with any saving throw Vs. a fear effect. Once per day


Unpredictable Foes: Gains +2 AC in the first round of any combat.


Endurance: Humans can push themselves to the limit and then some. Upon gaining a point of exhaustion they may make a Save Vs. paralysis (or your equivalent). If successful they do not incur the -1 penalty. However, they are still exhausted and require rest.  Once per day.



Culturally diverse society: Every-time you meet a new group of sapient peoples (be they a tribe, cult or settlement etc.) You may ask the GM one question about the. The GM will answer truthfully.

This cannot reveal secret knowledge.


Brimming with potential: Gains a psionic wild talent.


Corrupted: The Rot of the decay of God has touched you.  Your body has mutated.  Find a good mutation table to roll on or negotiate a mutation with your DM.  This should give an overall benefit to the character.


Florian are humanoid life descended from plants. They are often tall and green of skin adorned with petals and leaves. Like humans they are a diverse group of people, although they are rarely found in the far north where the sun's rays are weaker. They need sunlight or sugar water to live.

Florian's gain an additional gain + 1 to their dexterity modifier or +1 to their intelligence modifier.

Roll twice on the table below

Roll D10



Kin of nature: +2 to bushcraft


Commune with photosensitizers: You can tap into the diffuse consciousness of the plant life around you. You may freely converse with them. However their experiences are limited so many concepts will be alien to them.

During this time you will be in a trance-like state and will be unable to defend yourself.  Once per day.


Thorns: Any time an enemy rolls a critical failure while within melee range of you (it does not have to be Vs. you) they are caught on your thorns and take 1D4 damage). This is applied before other consequences.


Perfume: You can choose to emit a scent that is either pleasing or disgusting. Once per day you may mimic the scent of any one smell you are familiar with (up to 1 turn per level).


Toxin Resistance: Once per day you may roll with advantage for any save Vs. poison.


Deadly extracts: You produce 1 dose of neurotoxin per day. If a target is wounded with a weapon coated with it or ingests it they will take 1D8 damage. A saving throw Vs. poison will half the damage is taken.


Take Root: The florian may automatically pass a check or save that would cause them to be moved or knocked prone. However, they may not move for the next round.  Once per day


Innate magic: The ground is filled with magical potency and many florians draw this into their own bodies. You gain a single 1 first level spell as a daily innate.


Plant craft:

You can manipulate the growth and decay of plant life around you. With a little concentration you can:

  • Cause flowers to bloom around you.
  • Leaves to fall.
  • Seeds to sprout.
  • plants to wilt and decay.
  • Vines to slowly coil.

You can do many other things. These processes are usually subtle and gradual and do not have a massive impact. However with concentration you could perform feats like growing fruit in a matter of hours.



The ancestry of some florians tred a darker path than others they can devour the bodies of other living things, like the venus fly trap they can dissolve the flesh of others in their bellies.

The florian may choose to ingest an unrotten corpse. In doing so they will recover 1d4 hit points. It take 1 hour per hit point recovered.

This increases to 1D6 at level 3, 1D8 at level 5 and 1D10 at level 10.


Be a Mycellian

Mycellian's are humanoid life descended from fungus. They are stout and thoughtful people but also frighteningly strong. They take the form of humanoid mushrooms and are incredibly diverse. They are also natural psionic users.

Mycellian gain an additional gain + 1 to their strength modifier or +1 to their wisdom modifier.

Roll twice on the table below

Roll D10



Natural Psionic: Gains a psionic wild talent


Stout: Once per day gains an advantage to any save Vs. paralysis.


Choking Spores: Once per day you may release a cloud of choking spores at an enemy within 10 foot range. They must save Vs. poison (minus your WIZ modifier) or be stunned for 1d3 rounds.


Tough Body: +1 AC


Toxic: Any creature that bites you must save vs poison or take 1D6 damage.


Psionic Defense: Once per day upon taking damage you may mentally lash out at the attacker dealing 1D6 psychic damage. Additionally, they must save Vs. paralysis or be repelled 10 foot.


Decay: Once per day you may rot any non-metal item up to the size of a chair instantly, it collapses apart into mush. If used in combat a successful non-damaging strike must be made against an opponent.


Telepathic Message: Can send a telepathic message to a single person within 120 feet whom you know or can physically see. This may be no more than a single sentence long. If the target has any form of psionic ability they must respond in kind.


Gestalt memory: +3 to any one skill check once per day.



Gains the ability

Create fungal servant

You may imbue a corpse with insidious controlling spores. This turns the corpse into your faithful unintelligent servant.

It takes one hour for the spores to take effect and raise the servant.

The Pilgrim's Kin

The most common wayof life for most people in the world is either home in a small settlement no lager than a hundred of so people, or in nomadic tribes.  The pilgrim's kin or lack of will inform how they interact with others and how they see themselves in the world.  Choose from below or roll.





A small farming community

Probably less than a hundred people live here. Life is hard but it is secure. However each Village is well guarded.


Nomadic herders

You herd your flock of milk crabs or pylon sheep across the wilderness. Life is unpredictable but it is usually peaceful as your people tend to know the hidden paths that allow expeditious retreat from more unpleasant foes. Non the less your flock does tend to attract predators.


Nomadic traders

Your people know all the great places of the world. They have travelled to the smallest of hamlets to the handful of great city states. You have a sense of culture that few others grasp. You know a few more mysteries than most.

However rich traders attract bandits and you have seen a lot of bloodshed in your life.


Resource Miners

Your community mines/gathers a valuable resource. It attracts many people, traders and the curious. You have become a skilled negotiator and excellent administrator.

Unfortunately your the value of the products of your home is attracts unwanted attention and you are raided frequently. Usually by desperate bandits who are just as frequently slaughtered.


Sorcerer's Enclave

With magic at their disposal many sorcerers have built unassailable positions.

This often generates a following of those seeking their protection. This mini fifes are as varied as the lord's temperament. It is likely if you had any talent in the arcane arts you would end up here.

Many fools try to rob this place, few survive.

Fewer still dare to storm it.



The world lacks any unified governments and thus many people are easy pickings for the roaming slavers.

Your life for so long has been a brutal grind of work and misery. You have developed a deep grit and drive that few others could hope to meet. When you got your freedom the catharsis drove you to weep.



You have been alone for so long. Drifting from place to place, town to town. There a sweetness to the freedom but this world feels empty and so vast. Along with the pangs of loneliness is an existential horror of how insignificant we all are.

You have leant to slink away from trouble. Or when you have had to face it you face it head on.


Jungle Tribe

Life in the tribe is one of developed cunning acquired alertness. For you and your kin every step here could be fatal. You are curious but cautious. You stalk your prey rather than charge it.

Your shaman's eye glint with deeper knowledge, maybe you served them?


Glacial Hunters

The frozen north is almost entirely free of civilisation. Yet a few stubborn tribes of hunters remain. These communities hunt vast and powerful prey. Only through the cooperation of the entire tribe do they bring these beasts down.

You value allies and find the notion of warring tribes an anathema.


Nomadic Scavengers

Few dare to tread onto the tombs of the old world. These are dangerous places but the treasures here are undeniable.

Your community dared to take that risk, driven by desperation maybe? You have seen death, scavengers who are slow witted rarely last long. You have also seen horrors, things that should not be.

You have glimpsed at what my be behind the veil.


Bandit Tribe

Bandit communities are rarely happy ones. They are nearly always driven by desperation or madness rather than greed. You were either forced into this life or were driven into it by misfortune.

It has left your soul scarred. You have seen so much death.

When you found a way out you seized it like a whale gasping for air.


City state

Civilisation at its truest and most cosmopolitan. A handful of booming cities across the world. This is where most of the innovations and cultural growth happens.

However where-ever there is wealth and growth there is also crime and deprivation. Not every city state is ruled justly and not every justly ruled city state is ruled competently.

But life here is rich and varied. There opportunities that wont be found else where.

The Pilgrim's Motivation

Each player will play a pilgrim on who has taken the road to Tul-Gorak.  Not everyone takes this journey goes purely for enlightenement (though some do).  The player should choose from one of the motivations (or roll)  for the journey below.






Someone or many people you transgressed against you or your kin. You know where they are. You will find them at the end of the long road in the city of Tul-Gorak, where the pilgrims gather. You will have your revenge.



You have a stain on your soul. A crime you committed has gnawed away at you and for the sake of your conscience you will make the pilgrimage to Tul-Gorak and speak you deed to the corpse of God.


The final wish of a dear one

Someone you loved/respected or were duty bound too died and in their final breath they wished their ashes to be scatted at the end of the long road by the corpse of God. You carry their Urn with you.



It is said that journey on the long road changes you. For the longest time you have felt a hollowness inside of you, where this is true or not you have left your home seeking answers. You are daring to find out something about yourself through this perilous journey.


Rite of Passage

For some communities the pilgrimage is a necessary part of life. No one can truly say they have become until they stood upon the walls of Tul-Gorak and stared upon the body of God.



You commit a taboo in your people's law and of such you were banished from their lands, never to return. Alone and aimless you have sought the long road to Tul-Gorak in hope of finding new kin and drive.



There are things at the end of the long road or even the journey along it that you desire. You wish control and influence, for ill or for good (that is for you to decide).



The memory of your actions make you feel sick and filthy. The shame drives you forward, not only do you want to forget what you did but you want to find other memories to take its place instead. Surely the sight of God will do this for you.



You flee from the violence of the past and seek a new home elsewhere. You know this journey is dangerous and long but the promise of stability and security call strong.



You are restless and life has posed little challenge for you. The open world called and you ran to it willingly. Surely there is not greater adventure than to travel to the Godfall?



There is a great library at the end of the long road, there are sorcerer's of great power and disciple. There are also master's of crafts and warriors without peer. All to learn from.

There are also other forms of knowledge to be found. More esoteric and potentially forbidden knowledge.


Solve a Mystery

You need the answer and the only place you will find it is at the end of the long road.

The Pilgrim's Former Occupation
Who were they before they set thier ambitions on the Long Road?  This will add a little flavor to thier start.  Roll or choose from below.






10 additional rations.

A hand drawn cart (adds +10 slots).

Question: Farmsteads are often raided. How you did you defend yours?


Town Guard

A weapon of your choice (not firearms)

A suit of re-enforced leather (AC14)

A sheild

Question: It is often the case that guards of any town are to stop contraband. Did you hold fast and stop the flow. Or did you get rich off bribes and backhanders?



X 2 bear traps.

Each trap inflicts 1D6 damage and 1 point of damage per round for 1D4 rounds. Requires 1D4 +1 (minus your STR modifier, to a minimum of 1) rounds to free yourself from it.

Question: You have hunted all kinds. What is the one that got away?



1D6 + 1 herding creatures of a similar size and temperament to a goat.

The animals will generally flee violence but will defend themselves.

However they will respond to your call.

Question: Your animals are often prey for all kinds of slavering beasts (even civilised ones occasionally). What happened the time you couldn't save all your herd?




Question: You have travelled the remains of the world. Spoken to many people. What was the most intriguing secret you were ever told over a drink by firelight?



A lantern and 10 hours worth of fuel.

A pickaxe that can be used as a medium weapon (1D8) or to hack away at rocks.

Question: Once you dug too deep. What did you unearth?



A minor trinket of wonder.

Question: You have dared walking into the ruins of the world before. What did you see that made you weep for what was lost?


Engineer's Apprentice

A flintlock pistol

A pouch of ammo (1D12)

Question: Health and safety is really important when messing with stuff, especially when it has moving parts. Who was it you saw getting blown up/mangled/dissolved by their own experiments?


Blacksmith's Apprentice

A blacksmith's hammer, heavy and dangerous. 1D8 

A blacksmith's apron (AC13)

Question: Blacksmithing is hard. A long road of learning. What was your first failure that allowed you to develop and grow?



A bag of assorted herbs. (1D6)

Can be used medicinally to heal 1D2. Or can be distilled into healing potions.

Question: You have been searching for one certain rare plant/fungus for a long, long time. What are it's properties? What are you going to use it for?



A small bag of animal knuckle bones and a ritual dagger. You can use this to perform a ritual to attempt to divine the future.

Question: When did you predict the future correctly? And why was that a terrible thing?


Artisan's Apprentice

Specialised tools for your chosen trade.

3 x worked trinkets of your choice. Each is worth 3 x 3D6 in SP due to their craftsmanship.

Question: There was one creation that you made that proved your skill in your trade. Unfortunately it was lost. Stolen maybe? How was it lost? What was the outcome?



A staff with a skull on top. It's eyes can glow red and it contains the spirit of an ancestor. That might be useful?

Question: Shaman are usually tied to the fate of their tribe. Yet you are not longer with them. The question begs, why did you leave? Did you go on a quest? Commit a taboo?



A ragged set of hides (AC13)]

A makeshift Spear 1D6

A make shift sling 1D4

or a mutation.

Question: It is rare that someone is cast out from their home and kin. It must have been a terrible crime or prejudice that forced you out. What was it?



1 x beast of burden

The creature is in a similar manner to a horse. It has side saddles to hold extra load.

15 slots.

Question: It is was your job to care for the pack-beasts. One day you saw another harm your creatures. What was your response? What was the outcome?



A stolen trinket of wonder.

Question: The first rule is don't get caught. When did you break that rule?



A rare and valuable book, it might contain secret knowledge.

Question: Of all of the questions that life has demanded that you answer. One beyond all else escapes your grasp. What is it? Why did god fall? What is everything? Why are you conscious?




You have a broom. It animates and cleans up the area for you. If it is destroyed as long as you save at least a splinter of it you can regenerate it.

Question: Your master was wise, possibly awful at times. But what power did they possess did you covert more than any other?




A small cast iron cauldron that can be used a weapon in a pinch (1d6).

Excellent for cooking stew and possibly contains traces of potions brewed in it.

Question: All witches have secrets. What was it that you discovered that would be considered a great trespass on morality? Did you disprove? Is it now your secret too?



Focusing Crystal, with enough focus and time you think you can see things in far off places.

Question: There was a vision, so cruel and awful you swore yourself off your path. What did you see?

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